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Wellington House Nursing Home Privacy Notice

Wellington House Nursing Home is a Care Home for physically disabled service users, who require nursing care 24 hours a day. This privacy policy will explain how we use personal information we collect or require about you and your needs in order to deliver the care you require if you chose to live here.

What Information do we collect about you?

If you (and your family) choose Wellington House as the Care Home you wish to live in, we will need to undertake a full nursing needs assessment either in Hospital or wherever you are currently residing. This will always be undertaken by a Registered Nurse. We will read your medical and nursing care records (with your permission to do so). If you are at home we will read the records from the District Nurses and the Home Care Team. We will also speak to members of the Multi-Disciplinary team, Health Care professionals who have or who are looking after you. We will speak to your family, or spouse who have knowledge of information about you. We will also speak to you and gather personal information on your individual choice, likes, dislikes, decisions and personal care preferences.

How will we use the information about you?

When we have gathered information about yourself and your medical and nursing needs we will be able to write a care plan about how to meet these needs. The care plan will be written and kept secure in the Nursing Office. It will include information about what help you may need to move around for example, your “falls” risk, if you have any pressure sores or skin problems, what diet and fluids you are able to manage and if you need any assistance to do so. It will also hold information about your age, date of birth, previous address, NHS number, who is your requested first point of contact (Next of Kin). We may also hold information about your wishes for “End of life” care and if you have a power of attorney. It will also have a detailed account of your previous medical records up to and including coming to reside at Wellington House Nursing Home.

Access to information

We are legally required to hold personal information about yourself for 6 years following either your death at Wellington House or if you were discharged from here. The information we have gathered will only be used by authorised members of staff and will only be used to enable us to provide care to you (perform the contract); the information will only be disclosed to third parties (e.g. doctors, paramedics, external healthcare professionals) in order to protect your vital interest, or if we are required to disclose it by law, or in the performance of a legitimate interest. At all other times, disclosure to any third party will only be with your consent (e.g. no member of your family or friends can read your personal information without your explicit permission). You have a right to be able to read and be involved in the formulation of your personal care plan at any time.

Changes to our Privacy policy

We will keep our privacy policy under review and make any changes if legally required to do so. This was written and updated on 3rd May 2018

Please contact us

For further information on the privacy notice or how we keep information about you please contact us on

Telephone: 01274 531244

Fax: 01274 596573

Email: info@wellingtonhousenursinghome.co.uk

82 - 84 Kirkgate, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 3LU   -   Tel:  01274 531244   -   info@wellingtonhousenursinghome.co.uk
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